0+ (Unillustrated Parts)  
1+ Sunroof lid seal  
2+ Sunroof panel trimboard  
3+ Sliding roof wind deflector  
4+ Sunroof flange finisher  
5+ Tilt and slide mechanism  
6+ Sunroof frame  
7+ Drive cable and tube  
8+ Cable clamping bracket  
9+ Motor and gearbox  
10+ Motor mounting spacer  
11+ Motor mounting screw  
12+ Motor mounting insert  
13+ Pipe clip  
14+ Pipe clip  
15+ Sunroof control module  
16+ Mechanism cover  
17+ Retaining clip  
18+ Sunroof trim panel  

The part numbers in the assembly image below relate to the product number in the table. Clicking on the part number will open up the relevant part details.