Part Results
XJ6 & XJ12 from (V)667829 to (V)708757 - Canada/USA
0+ (Unillustrated Parts)  
1+ Fuel tank  
2+ .Fuel pump module  
3+ .Fuel hose  
4+ .Fuel return hose  
5+ .Worm drive hose clip  
6+ .Hose clip  
7+ .Mounting rubber  
8+ .Breather hose  
9+ Evaporative loss flange  
10+ Sealing ring  
11+ .Lock ring  
12+ .Fuel tank sender unit  
13+ .Lock ring  
14+ .Sealing ring  
15+ .Magnetic drain plug  
16+ .Drain plug washer  
17+ .Tie strap  
18+ .Worm drive hose clip  
19+ Fuel tank seal  
20+ Fuel pump protection module  

The part numbers in the assembly image below relate to the product number in the table. Clicking on the part number will open up the relevant part details.