Part Results
XJS (From (V)139052 up to (V)179736)
1+ Inlet manifold  
2+ Inlet manifold gasket  
3+ Manifold stud  
4+ Serrated washer  
5+ Flanged nut  
6+ End connector  
7+ Inlet manifold gasket  
8+ Torx screw  
9+ Blanking plug  
10+ Copper washer  
11+ Blanking plate  
12+ End cover gasket  
13+ Vacuum take-off screw  
14+ Torx screw  
15+ Serrated washer  
16+ Spacing boss  
17+ Throttle linkage bracket  
18+ Bush  
19+ Blanking plate  

The part numbers in the assembly image below relate to the product number in the table. Clicking on the part number will open up the relevant part details.