Part Results
XJS (From (V)179737 Up to (V)226645)
0+ (Unillustrated Parts)  
1+ Splash shield backplate  
2+ Parking brake repair kit  
3+ .Parkbrake adjuster  
4+ .Parking brake lever  
5+ .Compression spring  
6+ .Parking brake pin  
7+ Clip  
8+ Brake disc kit  
9+ Screw  
10+ Brake caliper  
11+ .Bushing kit  
12+ .Brake caliper seal kit  
13+ .Guiding pin  
14+ .Bleed screw  
15+ .Dust cap  
16+ Housing clip  
17+ Brake pad  
18+ Brake pad wear sensor  
19+ Brake shoe kit  
20+ .Tension spring  
21+ .Tension spring  
22+ Brake lever pin  

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