XJ6 (2.9, 3.2, 3.6, 4.0) From (V)500001 Up to (V)667828

Jaguar Classic Parts UK stocks a wide range of spares, accessories and consumables for your Jaguar XJ6 (2.9, 3.2, 3.6, 4.0) parts, including a full range of parts for the Exhaust System and Components. We stock a huge range of Exhaust System parts, including Exhaust Pipe/Catalyst-Front-2.9/3.6 Litre-Up To (V)594575, Exhaust Pipe/Catalyst-Front-3.2/4.0 Litre, Exhaust Pipe/Catalyst-Front-Australia/Canada/Usa-Up To (V)594575, Exhaust Pipe-Front-2.9/3.6 Litre-Non Catalyst-Up To (V)594575, Exhaust Pipe-Front-3.2/4.0 Litre-Japan, Exhaust Pipe-Front-3.2/4.0 Litre-Non Catalyst, Exhaust Pipe-Front-3.6 Litre-Japan, Exhaust Pipe-Rear-2.9/3.6 Litre-Catalyst-Up To (V)594575, Exhaust Pipe-Rear-2.9/3.6 Litre-Non Catalyst-Up To (V)594575, Exhaust Pipe-Rear-2.9/4.0 Litre-Catalyst, Exhaust Pipe-Rear-3.2/4.0 Litre-All Markets, Exhaust Pipe-Rear-4.0 Litre-Japan, Exhaust Pipe-Rear-Japan, Exhaust/Pipe Catalyst-Front-2.9 Litre-From (V)594576 parts.